Fiber Integral Field Unit For Supernova Spectroscopy (FIZ)


Responding to new SN discoveries requires the development of next-generation Integral Field Unit (IFU) spectrographs mounted on 2m- to 10m-class telescopes that together span Northern and Southern Hemispheres. While several technological options exist for the IFU, a microlens array with a fiber-bundle backend has the advantages of cost and flexibility, and is straightforward to implement for a wide range of telescopes. This LDRD has two goals. The first is to set up LBNL’s technical capacity to produce fiber bundle integral field units. This capacity is in demand by many observatories soliciting new innovative instruments. The second is to develop fiber IFU design that allows for fine spatial resolution, which is not possible with current IFUs. This will enable IFU spectroscopic observations of Type Ia supernovae for LBNL’s dark energy research program. We will test and develop techniques for mitigating instabilities that arise with high f/# input beams, so that optical designs can use larger core fibers to achieve fine spatial resolution and loosen spectrograph requirements. We will build on the equipment and fiber experience and technology gained during the DESI experiment.

Apr 9, 2020 12:00 AM
LBNL Physics Division LDRD Presentations